Teaching At Hope

Want to Teach Abroad?

Food, Housing, Fun Excursions & Free Airfare All Included!IMG_5547


  • Airfare will be provided:
    round trip with a school-year
    commitment and teaching
    credentials, including baggage
  • Volunteer visa fees will be paid.
  • Housing: Single teachers will be covered, and a small stipend will be provided per month for simple meals. Married teachers will receive $250 a month to assist them with their room and board.
  • Free school lunches.
  • Occasional fun excursions
  • An amazing African adventure
    with a supportive international

Requirements & Key Responsibilities

  • Agree & abide by Hope’s Statement of Faith
  • Be familiar with Hope Student/Parent & Faculty Handbook
  • Held accountable to Hope’s Director & School Board
  • Educational/Experiential Qualifications
  • Implement Teaching With Love & Logic by Jim Fay & David Funk
  • Arrive first weekend in August for Teacher Training, Staff Retreat & Classroom setup
  • Two Year commitment preferred but negotiable
  • Create a climate hospitable to education
  • Cultivate a love of learning in your students
  • Share our vision of academic success
  • Teach students with methods addressing all intelligences
  • Cover the curriculum topics required
  • Raise support or save money for personal needs


  • Supervise & mentor teaching assistants while in your classrooms
  • Evaluate, examine, & assess your students throughout the year
  • Develop, implement, participate & evaluate your class to improve the students experience at school
  • Hold students accountable to school policies and procedures
  • Be available to parents & students as needed
  • Participate in weekly chapels
  • Follow professional practices consistent with school policies in working with students, student records & files, parents, colleagues, safety, equipment, materials & facilities.
  • Be punctual to all staff & faculty meetings
  • Model correct use of language, oral & written
  • Maintain & submit weekly lesson plans
  • Assign reasonable tasks & homework
  • Participate in professional development opportunities and apply the concepts
  • Provide spiritual instruction in the classroom & model Godly conduct in and out of school
  • Assist in other responsibilities such as: lunchroom, playground, homeroom, clubs, & other advisory duties.


  • Each classroom caps at 15 students
  • Each teacher has an Assistant Teacher
  • Classrooms may be multi-grade
  • School dress code for faculty and students
  • Students are placed in classrooms by assessment including age, academic level, social and birthdate.
  • School begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:00pm; teachers are to arrive at least 30 min before and stay 30 min after
  • Extracurricular activities include: Drama, Art, Music, Dance, Swahili, ESL & more.

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  • Instagram: HopeInternationalSchool

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