Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee for New Students

A $200 non-refundable registration fee will be applied toward the child’s annual tuition cost, and is due upon enrollment for new students. Returning students must also submit the $200 registration fee to hold their spot for the following year. This fee helps to cover the cost of processing, buying curriculum, textbooks, supplies, etc.  Students that have not paid registration in FULL (or made financial arrangements with the administration) by June 1st will be moved to the wait list.  Hope cannot guarantee enrollment for any student on the waiting list.



Tuition is based on an annual fee with a monthly installment option, with the first payment due August 1st.  See the 2017_2018 Tuition & Fees for a breakdown of costs for this current school year.



Multiple child discounts are available within the following schedule:

  • 1st child – largest annual tuition, full payment, no discount
  • 2nd child – 25% off lowest annual tuition
  • 3rd+ child – 50% off lowest annual tuition

To receive multiple child discounts, students must be siblings, living in the same house, with the same parents.  Cousins or other extended family members are not eligible for the multiple child discount.


Bulk Pay Discount

-Make one payment (in full) before 31st July and receive 5 % off tuition & fees.

-Make two payments (one before 31st July and the one before 31st December) to receive 3 % off tuition & fees.


Preferred payment is by cash or check in US Dollars. Checks should be made payable to “Global Effect Ltd – Hope”. If paid in cash, it should be paid in $50 or $100 USD bills with a series newer than 2000. Payments made in Tanzanian Shillings will be given the current daily exchange rate as determined by administration. All payments are to be made in the school office, unless other arrangements are made. Bank wire transfer information is available in the office.

For more information on the above items please see the Hope Student/Parent Handbook.