Student Life


IMG_4348SThis year Hope students are from the USA, India, Germany, United Kingdom, Kenya, China, Denmark, Zimbabwe, South Korea and, of course, Tanzania. We have quite an international community! Our student body consists of approximately one-half expatriates and one-half local children. We are not only a multi-national and multi-racial group, we also come from many different religious and socio-economic backgrounds. We have nearly a dozen nations represented in our student body. We are an international school where both Western and Tanzanian students can experience Tanzanian culture, while receiving an excellent Western-style education. We try to create a loving and fun environment for high-quality academics. We strive to make Hope a hands-on place where students interact with their subject matter and get involved with their own learning in more than a rote method. Finally, we endeavor to provide a quality education at an affordable price.

4_WEBOur classes are taught by teams of internationals and East African teachers and class sizes are capped at 15 students. Children are encouraged to explore and discover. They learn problem solving instead of just memorizing facts. We use creativity, exploration and discovery to develop a strong core of fundamental skills in reading, writing and math. Our students are out of their desks a lot, working at stations, partnering together in learning and playing learning games. Our fun, happy and light-hearted environment provides opportunity for serious learning and the children prosper because they know they are loved.


Chapel is held once each week and is designed to be an opportunity for the expression of worship and praise to God. Chapel consists of music, testimonies, games and sharing from the Word of God. The younger children enjoy a short & energetic chapel that engages them at their level, while the older students enjoy their own version of chapel, with more in-depth conversation and challenges. The last Wednesday of each month, we have an All School Chapel for the entire school.  On All School Chapel Days we celebrate learning our memory verse with dramatizations and songs, we celebrate birthdays for the month, we dress up for Spirit Days and we review the month’s theme. We invite parents to join us for All School Chapel services at 9am the last Wednesday of the month to support your child(ren)!